Zipper & Stand-Up Pouches

Pouches with Zipper closures and Stand–up Features Are Available for Medical, Pharmaceutical, Retail, and Food Applications



With various zipper styles and either top or bottom load options, proper function with any product is assured. Techni-Pouches can be produced with bottom gusset, single or double sided gussets. These pouches can be used for reusable and bulk packed products. All of our stand-up zipper pouches are produced under strict ISO 9001/13485 production standards which assure quality and accountability.


To meet your specific requirements, we offer a variety of foil, film, paper, and laminate structures in a wide range of sizes. Our pouch production capabilities include:


  • small or large quantity runs
  • unprinted or printed pouches in up to eight colors
  • custom pouches in small or large runs, printed or plain
  • available in all film and/or foil combinations

Material Options

Sterilization Options

  • Radiation
  • Autoclave
  • ETO
  • Retort
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Additional Information

Material Options

Specialty films, Film and foil laminations to suit any application, Dupont Medical Grade Tyvek®

Sterilization Options

Radiation, Autoclave, ETO, Retort