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Technipaq Offers a Wide Variety of DuPont™ Tyvek®, Foil, Paper and Film Lidstock for Medical and Pharmaceutical Applications


Technipaq Lidstock

Technipaq lidstock can be custom die–cut or supplied as rollstock. Available materials are compatible with ETO, radiation or autoclave sterilization methods. Lidstock can be printed in up to 8 colors. All our lidstock materials are produced under strict ISO 9001/13485 standards.

To meet your specific requirements, we offer a variety of foil, film, Tyvek® and paper structures in a wide range of sizes. Our lidstock can be:

  • printed in up to eight colors
  • perforated
  • bar-coded
  • die-cut or square-cut
  • available in rollstock form

Material Options

Sterilization Options

  • Radiation
  • Autoclave
  • ETO
  • Retort

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Material Options

Specialty films, Specialty papers, Dupont Tyvek®, Foil laminations, Peelable or fusion versions

Sterilization Options

Radiation, Autoclave, ETO