Barrier Pouches

Foil Laminate and Pre-Formed Peelable and Non-Peelable, Vented and Non-Vented, Barrier Pouches for Medical Device, Diagnostic, and Pharmaceutical Applications


Technipaq’s foil laminates and pre-formed barrier pouches are available in peelable, non-peelable, and zipper styles for sterile medical, diagnostic and pharmaceutical applications, providing excellent moisture and gas barrier along with puncture resistance. All pouches are produced under strict ISO 13485 Standards.

Barrier Pouch Foil Packaging

We offer a variety of foil and barrier laminate structures in a wide range of sizes.



  • easy-tear open or peel features
  • small or large quantity runs
  • unprinted or printed pouches in up to eight colors
  • variety of film and foil laminations available for quick turnaround
  • zipper closures
  • peel and reseal labels
  • vented and non-vented


  • Specialty films
  • Foil laminates (Nylon, PET, OPP)
  • Clear hi-barrier (PVDC, AlOx, and SiOx)
  • Foil laminated Tyvek® vent pouches for ETO and autoclave sterilization
  • Bright out, dull out, or white and other color exteriors


  • Radiation
  • Autoclave
  • ETO with breathable vent header
  • Retort


We adhere to the most stringent requirements for the highest level of sampling, inspection, documentation and training to produce extremely reliable packaging products and solutions for the medical device, diagnostic and pharmaceutical markets we serve. We do the testing in our in-house laboratory and conduct trials and validations as well as short pilot runs to ensure seal strength, porosity, burst, abrasion and puncture resistance.



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Additional Information

Material Options

Specialty films, Foil laminates (Nylon, PET, OPP), Clear hi-barrier, Foil laminated vent pouches for ETO and autoclave sterilization

Sterilization Options

Radiation, Autoclave, ETO with breathable vent header