Barrier Pouches

Foil Laminate and Pre-Formed Peelable and Non-Peelable Barrier Pouches for Medical and Pharmaceutical Applications



Technipaq’s foil laminates and pre-formed barrier pouches are available in peelable, non-peelable, and zipper styles for sterile medical and pharmaceutical applications, providing excellent moisture and gas barrier along with puncture resistance. All of our pouches are produced under strict ISO 9001/13485.


To meet your specific requirements, we offer a variety of foil and barrier laminates structures in a wide range of sizes. Our pouch production capabilities include:


  • easy-tear open or peel features
  • small or large quantity runs
  • unprinted or printed pouches in up to eight colors
  • variety of film and foil laminations available for quick turnaround
  • zipper closures
  • peel and reseal labels

Material Options

  • Specialty films
  • Foil laminates (Nylon, PET, OPP)
  • Clear hi-barrier (PVDC, AlOx, and SiOx)
  • Foil laminated vent pouches for ETO and autoclave sterilization
  • Bright out, dull out, or white and other color exteriors

Sterilization Options

  • Radiation
  • Autoclave
  • ETO with breathable vent header
  • Retort
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Additional Information

Material Options

Specialty films, Foil laminates (Nylon, PET, OPP), Clear hi-barrier, Foil laminated vent pouches for ETO and autoclave sterilization

Sterilization Options

Radiation, Autoclave, ETO with breathable vent header