Packaging solutions as uniquely
designed as the devices you develop.

We convert Tyvek®, films, foils, surgical papers, and laminates into high barrier, ETO, radiation and autoclave style packaging for all your medical packaging needs. Our diverse selection of custom and stock laminates allows us to promptly fill any order requirement. As an authorized converter of DuPont Tyvek®,  Technipaq offers the unique ability to apply proprietary coatings to Tyvek® for healthcare product offerings in-house.

All of our materials are available in rollstock, lid or stand up pouch form with up to eight–color flexographic printing. We can meet any barrier, strength or sterilization method.

No Job Is Too Big or Too Small

An ISO 13485 certified manufacturer with more than 175,000 square feet of manufacturing and warehouse space, Technipaq specializes in coating, laminating, printing, slitting, sheeting, die-cutting, and fabricating high-quality, flexible sterilizable packaging solutions for the medical device, diagnostic, life science, and pharmaceutical industries. An Authorized Converter of DuPont Tyvek® for medical packaging, the company maintains an extensive selection of custom stock laminates, manufactured in both peel-able and fusion seal format. Technipaq also specializes in converting DuPont Tyvek®, foils, films, and surgical papers into high-barrier ETO, radiation and autoclave packaging.

Technipaq’s specialty niche is fulfilling orders for R&D prototypes, validation samples and limited product runs for medical devices, diagnostic, and pharmaceutical products packaging. As you grow your business, we are here to serve you for your short and long run needs.

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technipaq team standing in front of medical packaging equipment

We are a leading single-stop supplier capable of laminating, printing, slitting, sheeting, die-cutting, and fabricating flexible sterilizable bags and pouches customized to the most sophisticated design needs and delivered under the most demanding timeframes.

We produce and maintain an extensive selection of custom stock laminates, in both peel-able and fusion-seal formats. This allows us to produce orders of any size on-demand.