Suggested Materials/Pouch – Package must remain breathable by using DuPont Medical Grade Tyvek or a Paper alternative where applicable. EtO sterilization packaging styles include Header Bag, Chevron Pouch, Corner Peel. Ethylene Oxide is known as the most universal sterilant for sterilization of almost all medical devices including plastic and heat sensitive materials.

Dry Heat

Suggested Materials/Pouch – Temperature and time sensitive suggesting Polypropylene only. Dry heat sterilization pouch styles include…XXXXXXXXXX. For materials that may be damaged by moist heat or that are impenetrable to moist heat (powers, petroleum products, sharp instruments) advantages of dry heat include nontoxic, no harm to environment, easy to install dry heat cabinet, low operating costs, penetrates materials, non-corrosive for metal and sharp instruments. Disadvantages include slow rate of heat penetration.


Suggested Materials/Pouch – All but Polypropylene can be functional. Pouch styles include Foil Pouch, Film to Film, Paper to DuPont Tyvek. Gamma or X-rays react with DNA resulting in a damaged cell.


Suggested Materials/Pouch – For 121 Degrees C, Paper and some types of Polypropylene blends with DuPont Tyvek. For 135 Degrees C, Paper with Polyester or Polypropylene. If application is heat resistant, this process can provide the largest margin of safety due to its reliability, consistency, and lethality.


In retort packaging, food is filled into a pouch, sealed, and then heated to extremely high temperatures, rendering the product commercially sterile.