Technipaq’s Dedication to the Medical Industry

Proper sanitization within the healthcare industry is more critical than ever. Sterilized medical device packaging requires a delicate touch throughout the manufacturing process, with care and forethought put into each step of its creation. Healthcare workers and medical patients depend on the quality of their instruments’ packaging. It all comes down to the design, the quality of the sealant, and the material used in its manufacturing. This responsibility to the medical community is why Technipaq invests in the latest technology and has continued to develop packaging solutions made with DuPont™ Tyvek®.  Technipaq’s application of the new proprietary coatings to Tyvek® for our lidding options, keeps healthcare packaging sterile until it is opened.

Why Tyvek® and Techni-Coat for Lidding?

Tyvek® is one of the most versatile and durable packaging materials available as a  healthcare package lidding material. Its puncture resistance, breathability, and continuous sterile barrier make it a top-performing material. It’s almost creating a class of its own. These performance attributes and sustainability make Tyvek® perfect for sterilized packaging and a respected name amongst medical device manufacturers. Technipaq’s latest installation of a new air-knife coating production line further expands our product portfolio. We are excited to combine the qualities of Tyvek® with the performance of the new air knife coating, and offer Techni-coat, a coated Tyvek® product with unmatched material performance. 

Availability of Coated Tyvek®

Tyvek® is vital in the sterilization packaging industry and requires planning and care to properly secure stock and apply proprietary coatings. Technipaq is proud of our ongoing partnership with DuPont™ as an authorized converter of Tyvek®. As an authorized converter, Technipaq has been able to install one of the industry’s most sophisticated air-knife coating production lines. This production line allows Technipaq to provide its unique proprietary coating, Techni-coat, allowing for even more flexibility within the lidding manufacturing process. Because of this offering, Technipaq has dedicated efforts to managing a robust supply chain of all our packaging materials and components to ensure your orders always arrive on time.

What are Technipaq’s Lidding Capabilities?

Technipaq offers lidding options ranging from DuPont™, Tyvek®, foil, paper, and film lidstock. These lidstock options can be custom die-cut or sold as roll stock. These lidding options ensure that we manufacture products to consumer standards. Our lidding options can also be:

  • Printed in up to eight colors
  • Perforated
  • Bar-coded
  • Die-cut or square-cut

Cutting lidstock is only one part of the manufacturing process. Technipaq offers various sterilization options for its die-cut, roll-stock, and square-cut lids. Technipaq insures that our products work with all sterilization options such as radiation, autoclave, ETO, or retort sterilization.

Technipaq’s Efforts in Lead Time

Sterilized packaging is in constant demand and usually in a time crunch. Requiring manufacturers to produce shorter and shorter lead times. Technipaq leverages its almost 40 years of expertise in sterilized medical packaging manufacturing as these lead times shorten. We specialize in its manufacturing cycle and provide consumers with the best possible product the first time. Our lead times are below industry average, increasing our shipping and production speed. By emphasizing package integrity throughout the manufacturing and shipping process and offering a variety of Healthcare package lidding materials, Technipaq has maintained an exceptional lead time while providing high-quality components of sterile packaging.

Need to find sterilized packaging solutions?

We are a leading single-stop supplier capable of laminating, printing, slitting, sheeting, die-cutting, and fabricating flexible sterilized bags and pouches customized to the most sophisticated design needs. All delivered under the most demanding timeframes. We’re an ISO 13485-certified manufacturer with over 100,000 square feet of production and warehousing space. We produce and maintain an extensive selection of custom stock laminates in peel-able and fusion-seal formats. This certification’s extensive selection allows us to deliver orders of any size on demand.

In need of sterilized packaging? Technipaq offers robust solutions made with  Tyvek®, and proprietary Tyvek® coated sterilized packaging. Find your uniquely designed package today!