The significance of safe and efficient packaging cannot be overstated. The journey from manufacturers to patients’ hands involves a meticulous process and, at the heart of it, lies the critical decision of selecting the right packaging for enclosed materials. 

Why Is Selecting The Right Medical and Pharma Packaging Critical?

Packaging is not merely a means to encase products; it is a guardian that preserves the integrity, potency, and safety of medicines and medical devices. The correct packaging ensures that a delicate balance is maintained between product protection, regulatory compliance, patient safety, cost, and usability. 

Choosing the Best Pouch For Your Needs

Whether it’s preserving the efficacy of life-saving drugs, preventing contamination in sterile environments, or enhancing patient adherence through user-friendly designs, the packaging of pharmaceutical and medical products plays an integral role in the healthcare ecosystem. 

Technipaq offers a variety of high-quality packaging materials, aimed toward meeting the packaging design needs of individual medical and pharmaceutical products. 

Peel Pouches

Technipaq specializes in two forms of peel pouches: chevron peel pouches and corner peel pouches. Both pouches are very similar in appearance, with the main distinction being where the top layer can be peeled from. 

Chevron Peel Pouches

Chevron peel pouches are characterized by their signature “chevron” seal pattern, where there are corners on each side to grab and offer the best-in-class opening experience for aseptic presentation.

Corner Peel Pouches

Corner peel pouches are very similar to chevron peel pouches, except that instead of a distinct chevron, only one side is angled for opening.  This provides more product area inside the pouch compared to chevron pouches of the same size. 

These pouches can be made from a variety of materials that are purposefully designed and intended to meet the individual needs of sterile & non-sterile packaging design applications and for compatibility with a wide range of products & sterilization methods. In addition to their similar appearances, both pouches are available with the following options: 

Materials Tyvek (Coated or Uncoated) / Poly
Sterilization ETO Gamma Ebeam VHP Autoclave
Benefits Porous Good Tearability  Puncture and Peel Resistant to Microbial Penetration
Products Packaged Catheters Tubing Sets Syringes


Materials Nylon / Poly
Sterilization Gamma EBeam
Benefits Puncture Resistant Clarity
Products Packaged Surgical Tools Screws Pins Knives Needles


Materials Coated Paper / Poly
Sterilization ETO Gamma EBeam Autoclave
Benefits Porous Cost Efficient Easily Printed
Products Packaged Wound Care Materials Medical Dressing Unfilled Syringes

3-Side or Standard Pouches

These pouches are excellent solutions when you need a barrier pouch made from a foil laminated with Nylon, PET, or OPP or a clear hi-barrier material like PVDC, AIOx, or SiOx. These are good options for when your product needs barrier protection: 

Materials Foil Lamination
Sterilization Gamma EBeam Autoclave
Benefits Zipper Closure Can Be Added Best Barrier Protection for Moisture Light/UV Protective O2 Protective
Products Packaged Diagnostic Kits Cancer Tests Pregnancy Tests Gels Creams
Covid Tests Collagen Diabetic Accessories Wipes Pharmaceutical Products


Materials Hi-Barrier PVDC AlOx SiOx
Sterilization Gamma EBeam Autoclave
Benefits Clear with Barrier to Moisture O2 Protective
Products Packaged Medical Biologics Bone and/or Skin Grafts

Header Pouches

Our medical-grade header bags are great solutions for larger items that require sterilization. Techni-Vent header pouches are made with DuPont™ Tyvek ® vent strip across the top, creating a bacterial barrier, porosity for sterilization, and a peelable opening experience for aseptic presentation. The remainder of the bag is typically made from an LLDPE. Another option is a foil lamination in cases where gas sterilization (ETO) is conducted then the bag is sealed below the vent and removed to create a barrier package that has been sterilized using ETO. 

Materials Coated Tyvek / LLDPE
Sterilization ETO
Benefits Large Format Porous Vent Reduced Cost Over Full Tyvek Pouch Puncture and Abrasion Resistant Film
Products Packaged Kit Packs Procedural Trays Large Devices
Garments / Gowns Tubing Sets Irregular or High-Profile Items


Materials Coated Tyvek / Foil Lamination
Sterilization ETO
Benefits Porous Vents
Products Packaged Sutures, drug-coated stents, catheters, orthopedics, bone graft material 


Zipper Gusset Bags

Zippered gusset bags combine the convenience of zipper closures with the practicality of gusseted sides. These bags are designed to provide an expanded storage capacity while maintaining easy access and secure containment. 

Material Foil Lamination Film Lamination
Benefits Larger Storage Capacity Resealable  Puncture Resistant Compatible With a Large Range of Sterilization Methods
Products Packaged Pharmaceutical Products Bulky Medical Devices Power-Filled Nasal Applicator Prescription Medications


Sterilization Preparation or Autoclavable Pouches

Keeping medical products sterile can be challenging. Autoclavable pouches are a key component of the sterilization process, designed to maintain the sterility of items and prevent contamination during storage, transportation, and handling until they are ready for use. 

Materials Tyvek (Coated or Uncoated) / Poly
Sterilization Autoclave Retort ETO
Benefits Puncture Resistant Exceptional Microbial Barrier Peelable and Non-Peelable Options Maximum Breathability During Sterilization
Products Packaged Dental Products Small Medical Instruments Lab Components Vials Beakers

Choose Technipaq for Your Medical and Pharmaceutical Packaging Solutions

When it comes to selecting the best packaging solutions for your medical and pharmaceutical products, partnering with the right provider is paramount. Technipaq stands out as a trusted and innovative leader in the packaging industry.

With almost 40 years of experience catering to the unique needs of medical and pharmaceutical clients across North America, Technipaq boasts unparalleled expertise in the production of packaging solutions. Our team of experts understands the extensive regulatory requirements, delicate sensitivities, and precise specifications that govern medical and pharmaceutical packaging. 

Get started on designing your custom packaging solution with Technipaq.